Arturia MiniLab

Arturia MiniLab

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Legutolsó ismert ár (2017. 01. 05.): 32 900 Ft

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MiniLab is a full-featured MIDI controller designed to work with any music software or DAW you own. MiniLab goes a step beyond other mini-key controllers, though. It’s a great MIDI controller and it also includes our Analog Lab software, which provides a dream studio of classic keyboards. The combination of MiniLab and Analog Lab creates an amazing hybrid synthesizer with excellent functionality and great sound. The power of the features and visual styling are obvious, but sound? Yes, sound. We also include our award-winning Analog Lab software, which gives you over 6000 of the best classic synth and keyboard sounds around. The software also configures itself to look like the MiniLab for a handy 1:1 user interface. The front panel controls will automatically map to the most used parameters of each sound in Analog Lab. Functions like Cutoff, Resonance, Envelope controls, LFO rate and depth will be under your control immediately. You can also browse and load your sounds directly from the front panel. What’s more, the pads on the MiniLab give you two different performance features: Pads 1-8 access Chord mode. You can use this to trigger arpeggiated sounds with a specific set of notes, or you can set a pad to Toggle mode and have it hold an ambient drone. Pads 9-16 will save ''snapshots'' of your favorite Sounds or Multis for instant recall. Our MIDI Control Center software allows you to edit the controller parameters quickly and easily. With an intuitive graphical interface and a 1:1 screen image of your hardware, you can tailor the controls of your MiniLab controller to match the settings of your favorite plug-ins and DAWs. Compatible with Windows 7/8 or higher and Mac OS. Dimensions: 373 x 191 x 50 mm. Weight: 1 kg. Colour: Black.

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